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8 Large Rolls Of EPDM Thick Flooring Rubber Foam, Bristol BS5


Item for Sale
Originally manufactured to serve as soft foam flooring for a 7m inflatable planetarium. Dimensions and weights of the eight rolls of foam (all 25mm thick): Two at 8m x 1m (34 kg each); Two at 7.5m x 1m (31.9 kg each); Two at 6.5m x 1m (27.6 kg each); Two at 5m x 1m (21.3 kg each) Total = 230 kg. Manufactured by RH Nuttal (Birmingham) in December 2013 at a cost of £1,943.70. Find out more about ultra-durable, lightweight EPDM foam here: https://bit.ly/3fLbEtB. Only used 8 times; as good as new.
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