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About Buildtrade

The inspiration for Buildtrade came about by the great piles of bricks and other building materials that was accumulating in my garden, many people would just chuck the stuff away or flog it off for a pittance. So after suffering loads of grief from the Mrs, I thought I should do something about it.

I lost faith with the regular auction sites that just didn't suit my purposes, so it dawned on me that a bespoke site could be a really good idea and if it helps save people money and reduce landfill, then everyone's a winner.

So I got together with my mate Martin who also likes to buy and sell the odd house and quite conveniently is a top class web developer when he's not knee deep in his trench.

We came up with our first incarnation of Buildtrade, the UK's free excess building materials classifieds' site … and I hope you'll agree it's a blinder!

All we need to do now is get people using it, so spread the word mate, get it out there, this is for all the fellas, we hope Buildtrade will become the essential tool in every builder's tool bag.